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Protect Your Assets and Your Family

Succession planning is a key part of protecting your assets and your family.  Our experienced lawyers help to ensure your wealth is maintained and delivered to your beneficiaries.  We give practical, cost-effective advice on all aspects of estate planning, including simple and complex wills, family trusts, shareholdings in family businesses, representation agreements for disabled or elderly clients, and charitable giving.  We also prepare wills and powers of attorney for our non-resident clients who own assets in British Columbia.

What are the benefits of seeking a lawyer’s assistance in preparation of a will?

The main advantage of using a lawyer is in getting professional advice on matters not strictly related to the drafting of the will itself. Many people make basic mistakes in how they hold title to their assets. These mistakes can be very costly to an estate, both financially and in terms of increased time and trouble in the administration. An estate lawyer can identify and correct these mistakes.

In addition to correcting mistakes relating to your current assets, seeing an estate lawyer will help you identify the pros and cons of RRSP and RESP investments from an estate planning perspective and the need for restructuring of businesses and corporations.

Estate planning – even simple estate planning – is not a matter of executing a will alone. Powers of Attorney, representation agreements and life insurance trusts are just some examples of additional documents required to complete the estate plan.

Lastly, in addition to the advice on related matters, a lawyer will also make sure the will itself is drafted free of common errors that may lead to the will being found invalid.

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Wills and Estates Lawyers

Sholto Shaw
Sholto Shaw
Wills & Estates

Since being called to the BC Bar, Sholto Shaw has practised mainly in the areas of real estate, wills and estates, and corporate/commercial law.

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Eddie Carter

Eddie has practised in the Sea to Sky Corridor mainly in the areas of real estate, wills & estates, and corporate/commercial law.

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